ProSeries was unable to locate the ‘Common’ files folder

Today our customer was installing ProSeries 2013 on their server and workstations. He successfully installed ProSeries 2013 on all the workstations. However, on the one workstation when he tried opening ProSeries 2013 the following message would pop up:

ProSeries Error

ProSeries was unable to locate the ‘Common’ files folder. Please ensure that you have sufficient rights to the ProSeries folders and that you are logged into the server that ProSeries is installed on. . .

He then contacted support and they didn’t give him much help. He tried reinstalling the program but he had the same issue. He then called me.

Here are some of the troubleshooting steps I went through.

1. I disabled his antivirus.

2. I made sure the workstation had the proper permissions- it did.

3. I chatted with a Intuit rep and he gave me this helpful link

4. I made sure the user could access the folder and files through the mapped network drive. I then browsed to the C:\ProWin13\32bit\Prowin13.ini and opened the text file in notepad. Under the section [UninstallInfo], I checked to see if the line “CommonFiles”  was mapped correctly- it wasn’t. I then typed in the correct back and saved the changes and exited. I then tried running the program and I got the same error.

5.I then opened the Prowin13.ini file again and for some reason it hadn’t save my changes. I reentered the path and tried running the program again- but again same results. I tried it a couple times and came to the realization that my changes weren’t being saved. I then uninstalled the program and re-installed it by opening up the “Run” dialog box and by putting in the install path.

Run Dialog

6. I then tried opening the program- same error message. I browsed to the C:\ProWin13\32bit\Prowin13.ini and opened the text file in notepad. Once again the “CommonFiles” path was missing. I tried adding the path but it wouldn’t remember my saved changes.

7. I then chatted another Intuit rep and she recommend me to uninstall and reinstall, but this time reinstall by going to the mapped drive and browsing to the setup file. So I uninstalled ProSeries again and renamed the ProWin13 folder to ProWin13.old. I then browsed to the setup location through the computer’s mapped drive and installed the program.Install ProSeries

I then checked the install path in the Prowin13.ini file and it was there! I then opened ProSeries 2013 without any issues. Common Files Path

Thank you to the helpful reps at Intuit. You made my day!

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  1. alexpja

    I kept running the Setup.exe from Run with all caps like “X:\PROSERIES\PRONET13\Setup.exe” and I believe that was my culprit. This happened on only two computers (and those were the only two I typed in caps on) and removing the ProWin13 folder also helped. Thanks!


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