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ProSeries was unable to locate the ‘Common’ files folder

Today our customer was installing ProSeries 2013 on their server and workstations. He successfully installed ProSeries 2013 on all the workstations. However, on the one workstation when he tried opening ProSeries 2013 the following message would pop up:

ProSeries Error

ProSeries was unable to locate the ‘Common’ files folder. Please ensure that you have sufficient rights to the ProSeries folders and that you are logged into the server that ProSeries is installed on. . .

He then contacted support and they didn’t give him much help. He tried reinstalling the program but he had the same issue. He then called me.

Here are some of the troubleshooting steps I went through.

1. I disabled his antivirus.

2. I made sure the workstation had the proper permissions- it did.

3. I chatted with a Intuit rep and he gave me this helpful linkContinue reading