Auto-complete in Outlook 2010 missing after migration to Office 365 (Solved)

I recently upgraded a user from a standard Pop3 email account to a Microsoft Exchange Office 365 email account. The upgrade went great and all the email was transferred, but the user complained about their auto-complete email contacts were not showing up when they typed a contact’s email address in the “send” field. This user was running Windows 7 and was using Outlook 2010. Here are the steps to retrieve the auto-complete file and use it in the new profile.

Step One: Close Outlook

Step Two: Browse to the RoamCache where the auto-complete file is stored. (location is C:\Users\””\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook\RoamCache

Step Three: Rename RoamCache to old_RoamCache

Step Four: Open Outlook, and create a new email and put a valid email address in the to. . field. Close the new email ( you don’t need to save ). Close Outlook

Step Five:  Step 4 creates a new Stream_Autocomplete_”long GUID….xx”.dat DAT File of 1KB in a new RoamCache folder.

Step Six: Change the extension of the file in Step 5 from .dat to .dat22

Step Seven: Copy the original Stream_Autocomplete…from old_RoamCache & paste into the RoamCache folder

Step Eight: Copy the GUID string from the .dat22 and replace the GUID of your previous Stream_AutoComplete

Step Nine: Open Outlook, all of your previous auto-complete entries are now available.

I hope this helps. Special thanks to femi for making my day a lot easier. This post was posted by techspeeder.

9 thoughts on “Auto-complete in Outlook 2010 missing after migration to Office 365 (Solved)

  1. Sean

    Worked like a charm! Thanks! One question though – what about other files stream_calender, stream_contactprefs, stream_categorylist, etc, do I also need to move them the same way? I’m just worried not to lose any data or settings. Thanks again!

    1. Merlin Halteman Post author

      Don’t hold me to this, but I don’t believe you have to do anything with the other stream files. I know in my situation I didn’t transfer any of those addition files.

      1. Sean

        I believe this fix messed up some things for me, my contacts do not receive html emails; although they are sent in html. They receive a bunch of links in the footer in place of signature. All settings are fine and after numerous tests I narrowed down that this has been caused by using this method to get the auto-complete back working. Any ideas on how to resolve this? Thanks 😉

        1. Merlin Halteman Post author

          Hello Sean, thank you for your comment. I , personally, never ran into that issue, but that could be true. One thing I would make sure, you are sending your messages in HTML (File>Mail> Compose messages in HTML). Also make sure your signature didn’t get messed up during the transfer as well.

  2. ed

    Awesome, it worked perfectly!
    I cant thank you enough for this incredibly valuable info. I cant remember any ones email address anymore since I have been using outlook for soooo looong. Used to be (NK2 file) I did not even know it was now a DAT file.
    I unfortunately switched to the 365 office cloud and lost my autocomplete so this was a godsend!
    I learned something new and valuable today!


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