Import AutoComplete file into new Outlook 2010 Profile

Recently after a new server install, I ran into this issue.  When installing a new server I took the computers off the old domain and joined them to the new one. During this process I made a new Windows profile. Once joined to the new domain, I logged into the new Windows 7 profile and started setting up Microsoft Outlook 2010 .  I got the email account set up just fine however, the autocomplete was missing. Here is how I rescued my autocomplete file. These users were running Windows 7 and Microsoft Outlook 2010.

Please follow the steps carefully, I tried to explain this tedious task the best I could 🙂 .

Step One: Browse to your old Windows’ profile autocomplete guid: C:\Users\<oldusername>\appdata\Local\Microsoft\Outlook\RoamCache

autocomplete cache

In Outlook 2010 and newer your autocomplete file is stored as a Dat File. The file will begin with Stream_Autocomplete_ and then the guid number/letter combo . 

Step Two: Browse to your new Windows’ profile autocomplete guid: C:\Users\<newusername>\appdata\Local\Microsoft\Outlook\RoamCache

Step Three: Open Outlook and create a new message with a valid email address , in the recipient field. Then close the email; you don’t need to save it.

Step Four: Cut the new autocomplete file from the new Windows profile and paste the autocomplete file on the desktop.

Step Five: Copy the old autocomplete file from the old Windows profile into the new Windows profile RoamCache folder.

Step Six: Go back to your desktop and right-click on the autocomplete file and select Rename but instead of renaming the file, copy the autocomplete file name.

Step Seven: Go back to the old autocomplete file and rename the old file to the name of the new file, by pasting the name, you copied in step six.

Close all the windows and open Outlook 2010 and try typing in a contact, if done correctly your contacts should start coming up!

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