How to Remove Google Chrome Ransomware

I ran into this ransomware for the first time the other month. While a customer was browsing the Internet with Google Chrome, she got the following pop-up in her browser.


She knew it wasn’t legit so she decided to just close out of the browser. When she tried to close out of Google Chrome, this window popped up.


The ransomware still didn’t scare our customer, but she couldn’t get her browser to close. She went into Task Manager and killed her browser.

She then reopened the browser and everything was back to normal. She decided to contact me just to make sure she wasn’t infected.

When I connected to her computer I could see the site that was holding her ransom. The ransomware poses as a Norton Security feature that is protecting her computer from viruses and malware. The site told her to give them a call. It also warned her not to try to remove the virus since she would lose her data on the computer. I looked around a little bit on her computer and found out in this situation she wasn’t infected with a virus or malware.

However, if you get in contact with this ransomware this is what I would recommend doing. First of all close your browser, in our case, Google Chrome. You will have to go to Task Manager ( CTRL+SHIFT+ESC ) and close the browser. I would run a scan of Malwarebytes and SUPERAntiSpyware. Next, I would run ccleaner and remove all your Chrome cookies and history, just in case the website injected some tracking cookies in your browser. This should get rid of this ransomware for you.

I decided to have a little fun with the ransomware and decided to give the “tech support” number a call. I called the number and the phone rang and rang but nobody picked up. I am sure all these guys wanted, was to connect to your computer, and sell you a couple junk programs and steal your credit card and personal information.

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  1. ed

    That would work but I can onl g get safe mode ..No Malware bytes will instal,,,in safe mode .l can I still rid of this ,right?


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