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How to disable Chrome’s “Origin chip” to reveal website’s URL

I use Chrome beta for a browser. I was quite annoyed to see that a recent update to my browser took away the URL string. See below:

This is what the Chrome address bar normally looks like.

Google Chrome URL 2

This is the new Chrome-beta update they are trying on some users. Take notice of the address bar. Even though I had clicked on a couple links, the address bar says the website address instead of the URL string.

Google Chrome URL


I found an article that talked about this update. I learned that you can disable this feature. Here are the steps.

Step One: Open Chrome and type Chrome://flags

Step Two: Hit Ctrl + F on your keyboard and search for origin chip. You should get a couple options.  “Enable Origin chip” should be set to default. “Enable origin chip in Omnibox” should be set to disabled.

origin chip

Relaunch your browser. You should be back to the default URL string now.

One thing that really annoyed me with this update. When I want to copy a URL ,I need to click the origin chip. Then it would display the URL string. Then I could copy the URL. In my opinion, that is one step too many. I hope this helps you out.

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