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Font Changes In Outlook when Replying to Email Messages

I ran into a strange issue the other day. Our client said every time she replied to an email in Outlook her font would change to a different color. The version of Outlook my client was using was Outlook 2013 , but this “fix” will also work for Outlook 2016. I got to digging around a bit in Outlook 2013 and I found this was actually a “feature” instead of a problem.

If you find you font automatically changing on you, when replying to email messages, this is where you need to go to turn it off.

Step One: Open Outlook. Go to File > Options > Mail > Stationary and Fonts > Uncheck “Pick a new color when replying or forwarding”. Click OK.

Outlook Stationary ChangeThat is all you need to do. I tested this and each time when the client replied her font and font color stayed to what she had set to default.

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