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Clean Computer to Prevent System Breakage – Windows Accelerator Pro Virus

In the recent past I received an email from someone that was wondering what he should do about the following pop-up.


Microsoft Antivirus has found critical process activity on your PC. You need to clean your computer to prevent the system breakage.

Before I got a chance to email him back, he hit OK on that pop-up. He then received this pop-up.


Take note of the misspelling of the word, might.

I quickly emailed him back and told him that it was a fake anti-virus message. If he would have clicked clean computer, he would probably have gotten infected. I told him to run a full scan with his antivirus software. Thankfully, he wasn’t infected.

I decided I would have a little fun with this virus. I have a virtual machine for technical purposes, so I decided I would try to infect my virtual machine with this virus. I found the website that was infected.  Continue reading