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How to Enable Remote Audio/ Multiple Monitors for Hyper-V RDP Session

A little while ago I wanted to enable Audio on my Hyper-V virtual machine. Below, I will share the tip that allows you to enable remote audio, dual monitor support, printers, and other options on a Hyper-V RDP session. 

Step One: Open Hyper-V Manager Console.

Step Two: Start your Virtual Machine

Step Three: When your Virtual Machine is running, right-click on the VM and select Edit Session Settings.

Edit VM Settings

You should then see a box similar to the one below.  On the dialog box, you can select which resolution you will connect to your VM and whether or not to use all your monitors. Click Show Options. Continue reading

How to Add “Desktop Experience” to Remote Desktop Session on Windows Server 2012 R2

I setup a Windows Server 2012 R2 remote desktop server today. I wanted to add the desktop experience for the remote desktop users. I couldn’t seem to find the role I needed to install. After a little research, I found it is actually quite simple to do. Here is how to add desktop experience on a Server 2012 R2

Open Server Manager > Add Roles and Features > Role-Based or Feature-Based InstallationServer 2012 Role Based Installation

Next select the server that you want to add this feature to. Continue to hit next until you come to the “Features” installation screen.  Scroll down the available features until you find User Interfaces and Infrastructure. Expand the menu and Select Desktop Experience.Desktop Experience Server 2012 R2

Click the box beside Desktop Experience and go through the rest of the prompts to install this feature. You may need to reboot your server to finish installation. That is all there is to it!

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Remote Web Access Server 2012 – Opens only Dashboard not Remote Desktop Session

Here is a small tip for the enterprise user. The new remote web access that comes with Windows Server 2012 and 2012 R2 is really nice. However, I ran into a problem when I wanted to connect to the server using the remote web access website. When I clicked on the server I wanted to connect to, instead of connecting to the server using a remote desktop connection, it would connect to the server dashboard instead. It is actually quite simple to disable the setting when you know where to look. Here are the instructions.

Step One: Open Windows Server Dashboard and click on Home > Getting Started

Step Two: Click on Setup Anywhere Access > Click to Configure Anywhere AccessConfigure Anywhere Access

Step Three: Click on the Customize option beside Website Settings.Customize Website

Step Four: Click on Server Connection Options tab.Open Remote Desktop Under Server Connection Options you can select how you want to connect to your server using remote web access. By default Open Dashboard will be selected, just select Open Remote Desktop instead. Save your settings and you will be all set.

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