Error message “AMS360 client not installed” when using the browser to log in

Background: One of our customers was having display issues with Internet Explorer 10. I uninstalled the Internet Explorer 10 Windows Update and reverted back to using Internet Explorer 9. I made these changes and the display issue was fixed! A little while later I was informed that when trying to log into the web version of AMS360 the following box would pop up:

AMS360 Client Install Error

Troubleshooting: The AMS360 client was already installed but I decided I would reinstall the client. Didn’t help. Made sure the website was added to the Trusted Sites in Internet Explorer- it was. And as far as I knew all the .Net Framework was installed, since it had been working earlier. After troubleshooting the issue for a while I decided to call Vertafore support. A helpful technician answered the phone. She gave me the following solution and it worked!

Solution: I deleted the program shortcut for the 64 bit version of Internet Explorer. I then opened the 32 bit version of Internet Explorer and went to the AMS360 login portal and everything went just fine. When I clicked on the AMS360 Internet Explorer shortcuts, I would get the same “AMS360 client not installed” error. So I changed the AMS360 internet shortcut and favorite to open up in the 32 bit version of the browser. I then tried the shortcuts and they worked like a charm.

Retrospect: When I rolled Internet Explorer 10 back and decided to use Internet Explorer 9 that’s when the issues came. When you roll the browser back, Microsoft does you the “favor” of launching all of your internet shortcuts and favorites in the 64 bit version of Internet Explorer. AMS360 is not compatible with the 64 bit version of Internet Explorer, henceforth the error message. Once all the shortcuts were pointed to the 32 bit Internet Explorer everything worked!

Thanks so much to Debra Beckman @ Vertafore support.

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