Mitchell1 On-Demand Five gives Error Code 1007

I recently ran into the issue where the automotive desktop program, Mitchell1 OnDemand5,  would give an error code when trying to access the repair and estimator data. Michelle1This error code 1007 is relatively simple to fix, although you will need to call Mitchell1’s technical support.

Visit Mitchell1’s site: . Scroll down to article 35b and download their little fix-it tool.

Call there tech support number: 1-858-391-5000 or 1-888-724-6742

Run the fix-it tool until you come up to the follow screen:Mitchell1key

They will give you the token key. Select create token file when they are finished with the code.

Open your Mitchell1 OnDemand5 program, everything should be good now. So far my support experiences with these guys has been awesome, keep up the great work.



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