Outlook 2007 crashes when trying to attach file from network drive

This issue had me quite puzzled. A customer was running Microsoft Outlook 2007 on a Windows 7 Professional computer. The client told me whenever she would try to attach a file, in Outlook, she would get the following error.

Module Error

The specified module could not be found.

I had never seen this issue before. Here are some of the troubleshooting steps I went through. I thought it could be a virus or malware issue so I ran a scan till I knew that wasn’t the issue. I disable all the add-ins in Outlook that would affect performance, no difference. I created a new Outlook profile, same deal. I repaired Microsoft Office, didn’t fix the issue.

I decided to try disconnecting the mapped network drive. I disconnected the mapped network drive. I clicked “attach file” and it opened Windows Explorer without an issue. I went into the local documents and attached a file just fine. This confirmed in my mind that their had to be an issue between Outlook 2007 and the mapped network drive. I mapped the drive again and boom same error message and Outlook crashed as well.

I disconnected the network drive (R:\\sbs\folder1) and this time I mapped a different network folder (R:\\sbs\folder2). I clicked, attach file and this time I got no error message and Outlook didn’t crash! Now I was confused, one mapped network folder drive worked the other one didn’t. I tried accessing both network folders through Windows Explorer,(without going through Outlook). I could access both folders just fine. I was pretty much at wit’s end.

I called one of my colleagues about the issue. He found a .TVP file on the root of folder one. He removed the .TVP file. He then went into Outlook 2007 and tried attaching a file from that location. It worked. We copied the .TVP file back into that folder and the error came back and Outlook froze. Resolution: We took that .TVP file off the base of that folder and everything was back to normal!!

Some of the most difficult and irritating problems have such a simple fix. I believe this was probably a freak issue.  Apparently, their was a file association issue that was creating that error message and then Outlook would freeze and crash.

Special thanks to Kirby for helping me .

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