TOSHIBA e-STUDIO2830C error “Please Enter a Valid Value (Network Path)”

The other day I was setting up a Toshiba e-STUDIO2830c printer to scan to a network folder on the server. I entered the server path along with my credentials in the “Remote 1” scan destination.Remote 1 Scan Destination  Every time I went to save my settings I would receive the following error. Please enter a valid value. (Network Path)TOSHIBA e-STUDIO2830C error

After double-checking to make sure I had all the correct network paths and credentials, I decided this was a false warning or weird firmware issue. This is the fix to this issue.

You will see Remote 1 and Remote 2 scan destinations. Even if you are only using Remote scan destination 1, remote scan destination 2 can’t be empty.TOSHIBA e-STUDIO2830C Scan Destination

I entered the same scan destination under remote 2 and boom it worked!

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