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TOSHIBA e-STUDIO2830C error “Please Enter a Valid Value (Network Path)”

The other day I was setting up a Toshiba e-STUDIO2830c printer to scan to a network folder on the server. I entered the server path along with my credentials in the “Remote 1” scan destination.Remote 1 Scan Destination  Every time I went to save my settings I would receive the following error. Please enter a valid value. (Network Path)TOSHIBA e-STUDIO2830C error

After double-checking to make sure I had all the correct network paths and credentials, I decided this was a false warning or weird firmware issue. This is the fix to this issue.

You will see Remote 1 and Remote 2 scan destinations. Even if you are only using Remote scan destination 1, remote scan destination 2 can’t be empty.TOSHIBA e-STUDIO2830C Scan Destination

I entered the same scan destination under remote 2 and boom it worked!

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This was posted by techspeeder. Hat tip PM_Support

Printers don’t Appear under Devices and Printers on Windows Server 2012 R2

A client of ours uses remote desktop services on their Windows Server 2012 R2. They wanted to be able to print to their network printer from a remote desktop session. I found the printer and installed it and printed out a test page. Everything looked fine until I went under Devices and Printers and mysteriously the printer was nowhere to be found. I decided to open Printer Management, and expected to find them under there. There were no printers to be found underneath Print Management as well.

Quickbooks was installed on the server, so I decided to open that to see if any of the printers showed up underneath that. I went to print something and sure enough the printers showed in Quickbooks and I could print fine out of QuickBooks.

Solution: I did some research online. I found on this forum that a Windows Update was released for Server 2012 R2 that gave some people printer problems. The update that was causing this issue was KB2995388. My server was running Windows Server 2012 R2 so I decided to check my installed updates. Sure enough, KB2995388  was installed. I clicked the Continue reading