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Microsoft Excel Documents Open to Blank Grey Screen

When working on Microsoft Excel issues, I commonly come across an the issue of Microsoft Excel sheets opening to a blank grey screen.

Typically, this occurs when you double-click an Excel in File Explorer, it “opens” but only to a blank grey screen.Microsoft Excel 2016 Grey Screen

The most common time I see this error is when Office 2007 or Office 2010 was removed and Microsoft 2016 was installed. 

If the above statement is true, than more than likely this quick fix should work for you. 

Step One: Close all Microsoft Office programs

Step Two: Go to Control Panel > Programs > Uninstall a Program

Step Three: Find Microsoft Office 365 Program and Right-Click and select Change 

Microsoft Office 365 Change

Select Quick Repair

Quick Repair of Office 2016

Once the Office Quick Repair is complete, try opening an Excel document from File Explorer. It should open correctly now. 

My guess would be that it is a file association issue or something from the old Excel version that causes the issue.

Let me know if that worked by sounding off in the comment section. This was posted by techspeeder. 

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How to Change the Default Local File Location in Word and Excel

Microsoft Office normally does a great job on picking your default local file location. However, if you work with documents on your server a lot it can become annoying to always have to browse to the server to open your documents. Thankfully it is an easy setting to change. Here are the steps to change the file location, it’s the same for both Word and Excel.

Step One: Open Microsoft Word or Excel and Click on File.

Click on File

Click on File

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