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Disable Phone Pin Lock Exchange Policy on Exchange Server 2010

I upgraded one of our Microsoft Exchange 2010 servers to Exchange 2010 Service Pack 2. After the upgrade one of the users complained that they now had to create a pin or password  on their phones’ lock screens. Although I think this is a good idea for security purposes, this company didn’t want this hassle. This is how you disable the Exchange ActiveSync Mailbox policy from requiring a device password or pin .

Step One: Open Exchange Management Console

Step Two: Expand Organization Configuration > Client AccessExchange 2010 Policy

Step Three: Click Exchange ActiveSync Mailbox Polices tab and open the default policy.

Step Four: Click on the Password tab and uncheck Require Password. Apply your settingsExchange 2010 Device Password Policy.

These changes will automatically take affect across all of the devices.

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How to make a Vacation Responder with Office 365 OWA

Office 365 allows you to make a vacation responder in the Outlook web app. This is very useful if you are on the road and don’t have your work computer handy. Or if you don’t feel like setting up a rule in Outlook.

Here are the steps: Go to mail.office365.com .

Sign in with your credentials (normally your email address and password).0365 Login

Click on the settings gear and select “Set Automatic Replies”. Continue reading

Microsoft Outlook: Delivery has failed to these Recipients or Groups

Our customer recently switched to Microsoft’s Office 365 exchange service as their email provider. Previously to this transition, this company was hosting their own exchange server. After the upgrade some of the employees would get an error message when emailing within the organization.  Here is the message:Outlook Errorscreenshot.bmpscreenshot


The email address you entered couldn’t be found. Please check the recipient’s email address and try to resend the message. If the problem continues, please contact your helpdesk.  Outlook ErrorOutlook Error

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Set up Office 365 Email Forwarding to External Email Addresses

Problem: A company split and they were using Office 365 for their email provider. Company A kept the domains. Company A kept all the existing user accounts and email addresses. Company B created a new Office 365 account with their own domain and new email addresses. We needed to be able to forward Company B’s emails to their new addresses, but Company A didn’t want to pay for their Office 365 licenses. Here is the resolution we came across. It worked quite well.

Resolution: I logged into Company A’s portal. I deleted the Company B’s user accounts that were no longer being used.

I then went into the Exchange admin center and clicked on Contacts.Contacts Tab


                                                       I then created a new mail user. Continue reading