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Microsoft Outlook: Delivery has failed to these Recipients or Groups

Our customer recently switched to Microsoft’s Office 365 exchange service as their email provider. Previously to this transition, this company was hosting their own exchange server. After the upgrade some of the employees would get an error message when emailing within the organization.  Here is the message:Outlook Errorscreenshot.bmpscreenshot


The email address you entered couldn’t be found. Please check the recipient’s email address and try to resend the message. If the problem continues, please contact your helpdesk.  Outlook ErrorOutlook Error

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Set up Office 365 Email Forwarding to External Email Addresses

Problem: A company split and they were using Office 365 for their email provider. Company A kept the domains. Company A kept all the existing user accounts and email addresses. Company B created a new Office 365 account with their own domain and new email addresses. We needed to be able to forward Company B’s emails to their new addresses, but Company A didn’t want to pay for their Office 365 licenses. Here is the resolution we came across. It worked quite well.

Resolution: I logged into Company A’s portal. I deleted the Company B’s user accounts that were no longer being used.

I then went into the Exchange admin center and clicked on Contacts.Contacts Tab


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How to configure an Office 365 Exchange email acount on an iOS device

For the past while, a lot of people have asked me to set up their Office 365 email accounts on their iPhones. I decided I would write a small post on setting up Office 365 email accounts on your iOS device. The screenshots I have included in my tutorial were taken with an iPhone that was running iOS 7.0.2. However, these settings will work for those of you who are running older versions of iOS. If you have an Android device click here for instructions.

Step One: Touch Settings

iPhone Settings


 Step Two: Scroll down until you find Mail, Contacts, Calendars and select it. Continue reading

Delete unused Office 365 licenses

Today I upgraded one of our Office 365 customers from Microsoft Exchange (Plan 2) to the Office 365 Enterprise E3 plan. After the upgrade was completed, I was left set with one extra Office 365 license. So I started to dig around in the settings, trying to find a way to delete the extra license. I could not find how to remove the extra license. Finally I ran across this helpful forum post on how to remove extra Office 365 licenses. Here are the steps to remove the unused Office 365 license.

Update 6/9/14 : Apparently Microsoft must have gotten tired of all the phone support and listened to us!! They now have a remove license option as well. When you log into your account click on Billing > Subscriptions and click on the subscription you want to change. You will then see a “change quantity” beside the current amount of user licenses. Click “change quantityChange Quantity                                        and then remove or add licenses!!Remove License                             Thanks Microsoft, you made our job easier.


First off you have to meet one of these three criteria’s to remove the unwanted license from your account.

A) Upgrading

B) Correcting a purchase made in error within 90 days of when the change was made.

C) Renewing

If you meet the criteria, you need to call Microsoft Technical support in your area. Here is the link for their customer support number.  If you are a Microsoft Partner call this number 1-800-676-7658 and select the cloud services option. They will remove the extra license for you.

Once I was on the phone with Microsoft, I asked if there was a way that I could remove the license myself. He said they (Microsoft) are the only ones that can remove Office 365 licenses from the account, system administrators can’t even remove them. In my opinion, this is rather stupid and I hope Microsoft changes their policies on that soon.  In the meantime, I hope this helps you out and if you find a easier solution to removing a Office 365 license let me know by posting in the comments.

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Auto-complete in Outlook 2010 missing after migration to Office 365 (Solved)

I recently upgraded a user from a standard Pop3 email account to a Microsoft Exchange Office 365 email account. The upgrade went great and all the email was transferred, but the user complained about their auto-complete email contacts were not showing up when they typed a contact’s email address in the “send” field. This user was running Windows 7 and was using Outlook 2010. Here are the steps to retrieve the auto-complete file and use it in the new profile.

Step One: Close Outlook

Step Two: Browse to the RoamCache where the auto-complete file is stored. (location is C:\Users\”user.name”\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook\RoamCache

Step Three: Rename RoamCache to old_RoamCache

Step Four: Open Outlook, and create a new email and put a valid email address in the to. . field. Close the new email ( you don’t need to save ). Close Outlook Continue reading