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Unable to Upgrade Windows 10 Home to Pro “We Couldn’t Upgrade Your Edition”

Recently, a customer brought a laptop to us. The laptop was running Windows 10 Home and the laptop needed Windows 10 Pro so it could be joined to a domain network. Normally, this upgrade process doesn’t take long. After paying for the Pro upgrade in the Windows 10 store and downloading the upgrade – we would reboot the computer. After every reboot of the computer, we got the following message:

“We couldn’t upgrade your edition. Try upgrading your edition of Windows again or contact your system administrator or Microsoft. Error code: 0x0 “We Couldn't Upgrade Your Edition Windows 10

As you can see, that error code doesn’t give you much information. After multiple attempts, I decided this wasn’t a fluke issue and decided that there much be some software issue.

Here is how I resolved this issue. I’m not sure which troubleshooting step actually solved the issue but the upgrade went smoothly after I did the following.

Step One: I uninstalled McAfee Antivirus software. I have never liked McAfee so I decided I would start there.

Step Two: I disabled all applications from starting up. Here is the list of applications I disabled Continue reading