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Windows 2012 Essentials R2 Connector Stops Responding During Install

I ran into a very frustrating issue today. My job was to join a brand new Windows 10 computer to a domain. The server was running Windows Server Essentials 2012 R2. I felt this would be a simple job- but it didn’t turn out that way.

Typically, I join the computer to the domain using the Windows Server Essentials connector tool. Here are the steps I use below.

Step One: I went //servername/connect and installed the connector software. I rebooted the computer when I was prompted to do so.

Step Two: The computer rebooted and started booting into a _clientsetup_$ profile. The computer took a minute or two but it logged into the _clientsetup_$ profile. I was then prompted to enter the user’s credential’s to connect the computer to the domain.

Step Three: I entered the credentials, and then I selected “Setup this PC for myself”. Instantly, the connector software froze and said: “Windows Server Essentials Connector” has stopped responding, end program. The Connector software closed but the computer kept me logged into the _clientsetup_$ profile until I rebooted the computer.

I then logged into the computer. The computer was joined to the domain but the Connector software was not installed.

I thought this may have been a one-off issue so I tried joining the computer again. Once again, I was greeted with “Windows Server Essentials Connector” has stopped responding. I will list below all the things I tried -none of them worked.

  • I tried to join the computer to the domain with the admin credentials instead of the user’s credentials.
  • During the Connector software setup, I selected “Setup this PC for myself and others” instead of “Setup this PC for myself.
  • I checked Event Viewer. It said clientdeploy.exe has stopped working. Right before that error, I got a .Net framework error as well. I ran the Microsoft .Net Repair Tool. The .Net repair tool didn’t fix my problem, so I turned off .Net framework in “Turn Windows Features On or Off” in Windows. That didn’t work as well.
  • Installed the Windows Server Essentials R2 Connector from Microsoft’s website.
  • Right-clicked on the connector file and “Ran as an Administrator”
  • Connected the laptop via an Ethernet connection (instead of wireless) and ran the wizard.
  • I joined the domain manually and then tried to run the Connector software. It still failed.
  • I created a new local admin profile and ran the Connector wizard from that profile.
  • I rebooted the server.
  • Disabled IPv6 on the laptop- we thought maybe there was a conflict
  • Renamed the laptop multiple times
  • I checked the server. The computer showed up under the devices tab in the dashboard as being on the domain.  However, the computer showed offline and the server didn’t know what OS was installed or anything about the client.Server Essentials R2 Connector Issue

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Unable to Upgrade Windows 10 Home to Pro “We Couldn’t Upgrade Your Edition”

Recently, a customer brought a laptop to us. The laptop was running Windows 10 Home and the laptop needed Windows 10 Pro so it could be joined to a domain network. Normally, this upgrade process doesn’t take long. After paying for the Pro upgrade in the Windows 10 store and downloading the upgrade – we would reboot the computer. After every reboot of the computer, we got the following message:

“We couldn’t upgrade your edition. Try upgrading your edition of Windows again or contact your system administrator or Microsoft. Error code: 0x0 “We Couldn't Upgrade Your Edition Windows 10

As you can see, that error code doesn’t give you much information. After multiple attempts, I decided this wasn’t a fluke issue and decided that there much be some software issue.

Here is how I resolved this issue. I’m not sure which troubleshooting step actually solved the issue but the upgrade went smoothly after I did the following.

Step One: I uninstalled McAfee Antivirus software. I have never liked McAfee so I decided I would start there.

Step Two: I disabled all applications from starting up. Here is the list of applications I disabled Continue reading

Resolve Windows 10 Upgrade Error Code 8007002C-4000D

Most of the Windows 10 upgrades I have done so far have gone quite smoothly. However, I did run into an upgrade issue with a customer the other day. Here is what would happen. I would download Windows 10 and it would begin its upgrade process. After Windows 10 got to about 99% installed the installation would reboot. After the reboot, the screen would go black for a bit and then revert back to the previous operating system, Windows 7. Windows would then display error code 8007002C-4000D.

Windows 10 Upgrade Error

Another technician looked at the problem first so I will list the steps he tried.

Step One: Turned off AntiVirus ( Avast ) , Uninstalled Covenant Eyes (Software)

Step Two: Deleted Items in C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download

Step Three: Ran Command Prompt wuauclt.exe /updatenow

After the above steps were completed, the computer still returned error code 8007002C-4000D.

I decided to take a look at the issue. I decided to “Google” the issue first to see if anyone else had a fix for this problem. I found this Microsoft forum full of people having this issue. I scanned over the thread and found a general consensus that it seemed to be a software giving us upgrade problems. Here are the steps I tried.

I uninstalled Avast and Covenant Eyes software.

I ran system file checker sfc /scannow . System file checker didn’t find anything amiss.

Next I ran msconfig and went to the startup tab. Under the startup tab I removed all software from starting up.

I began the Windows 10 upgrade. Much to my relief and happiness the Windows 10 upgrade was successful.

Conclusion: From the troubleshooting things I tried, I believe unchecking all software from startup is what fixed this issue. Previously, Windows 10 would almost install but after the reboot the software would try starting up. One of the software items I unchecked must have been giving me my issues.

I hope these troubleshooting tips can help you out. Please leave a comment if you have trouble upgrading your computer to Windows 10 as well.

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