OnePlus One – Unboxing and First Impressions

I received my OnePlus One yesterday. I purchased the 64gb Sandstone black version. Here are some photos and my first impressions. I am upgraded from an HTC One M7 to this OnePlus One. I will be making some comparisons between these two devices.

I thought the packaging of the device was nice. The packaging was simplistic but still had style.

Setting up the device was easy. It asked me for my Google account. It also asks if me if I want to make a CyanogenMod account. Since I didn’t have an account I created one. My phone needed the XNPH25R Incremental CyanogenMod update, when I turned it on. I installed the updated and my phone was ready within a couple minutes.

My first thought was this display is BIG. It has a beautiful, bright 5.5″ display. The touchscreen is very sensitive and responsive to the slightest touch. The display is made of Gorilla Glass 3 to help prevent against scratches. I haven’t had time to test it out though.

Another thing that impresses me is how light this device is. It is only 162g. For this big of a device that is remarkable. The weight is evenly distributed which makes it feel great in your hand.

The back of the device was another point of interest. This phone has a textured rough back. One of my friends referred to the back of the device as “feeling like a fingernail file”. The back of the phone adds to the overall feel and design of the phone. One advantage is that this device isn’t slippy and doesn’t feel like it will jump out of your hand like some of the Samsung and HTC devices.

I got a chance to take a couple pictures with the camera. The camera is definitely better than my other HTC. My first impression of the camera would be it is a pretty standard Android camera. If you want to take professional photos, grab your DSLR. I will have to take more pictures with the camera to reach a good conclusion. Here are a couple pictures my OnePlus took.

Probably the weakest part of the device for me is the speaker. I became accustomed to the HTC One’s dual front stereo speakers. HTC’s speakers are pointed towards you so you get the maximum sound and quality. The OnePlus One’s speakers are on the bottom of the device. They are pretty loud but they don’t quite have the quality of an HTC One device.

Conclusion: This is an excellent device. If you can land an invite to buy this device, buy it. I’ll  post a more detailed review once I use the device more! Follow me on Twitter . I will be giving out an invite when I receive it.

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