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Here are random tips I find along the way. I hope they help, enjoy!

How to Setup Windows Firewall Logging and Tracking

It can be handy while troubleshooting to know how to setup Windows Firewall logging. Windows Firewall logging allows you to monitor any dropped or successful connections by the firewall. 

Open Windows Firewall with Advanced Security. Right-Click on Windows Firewall with Advanced Security and go to Properties.Windows Firewall with Advanced Security

You should see a Windows Firewall with Advanced Security Properties box. Continue reading

Tip: Remove Microsoft Edge Button in Internet Explorer

With the Windows 10 Creator’s update, Microsoft added a “Open in Edge” button beside the “New Tab” button in Internet Explorer. 

Open in Edge Button

The “Open in Edge” button can be frustrating and confusing to users. Here are the steps to disable the “Open in Edge” button.

Open Internet Explorer and click the Gear icon in the top right hand corner of your browser.

Go to Internet Options
Internet Explorer Options


Then Go to Advanced and then check the box: Hide the button (next to the New Tab button) that opens Microsoft Edge. Save your Settings.
Hide Microsoft Edge Button

Close Internet Explorer and reopen. Your “Open Edge” icon should be gone!


This was posted by techspeeder. Please let a comment below if it helped! 

Tip: How to Setup NETGEAR N600 DGND3700 with CenturyLink Internet Connection

I currently use a Netgear N600 DGND3700v2 as my router/modem combo for my house. This modem works great with my CenturyLink DSL connection. Below are the steps to setup your Netgear N600 with a CenturyLink Internet connection.

I am assuming you know how to hook up the cables. If you’re not sure how to hook up the cables, please refer to this document. Once you have the cables connected to the modem you are ready for step one.

Step One: Plug the Ethernet cable from the LAN port on your NETGEAR N600 Router/Modem and the other end into your laptop.

NETGEAR N600 Dual Band Wi-Fi ADSL (Non-Cable) Modem Router ADSL2+ Gigabit Ethernet (DGND3700)

Amazon Button (via

Step Two: Open your browser and go to or to start configuration of this modem. If you can’t get the IP Address to work, go to  that should bring up the configuration page as well. Continue reading

How to find the Message ID of a Gmail Message

Every message in Gmail has a message ID assigned to it. You can find the Gmail Message ID by logging into Gmail, clicking on an email message and then clicking the down arrow beside the “Reply” arrow and then select show original.

Gmail Message ID

Gmail Message ID

If you know the message ID, you can search for the message in Gmail by using the following search scheme: rfc822msgid:<XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX> . You may need to include the domain name during the search (rfc822msgid:<>).

Rfc822msgid Search Result

I hope this helps. This was posted by techspeeder. 

How to Enable Remote Audio/ Multiple Monitors for Hyper-V RDP Session

A little while ago I wanted to enable Audio on my Hyper-V virtual machine. Below, I will share the tip that allows you to enable remote audio, dual monitor support, printers, and other options on a Hyper-V RDP session. 

Step One: Open Hyper-V Manager Console.

Step Two: Start your Virtual Machine

Step Three: When your Virtual Machine is running, right-click on the VM and select Edit Session Settings.

Edit VM Settings

You should then see a box similar to the one below.  On the dialog box, you can select which resolution you will connect to your VM and whether or not to use all your monitors. Click Show Options. Continue reading