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OnePlus One – Unboxing and First Impressions

I received my OnePlus One yesterday. I purchased the 64gb Sandstone black version. Here are some photos and my first impressions. I am upgraded from an HTC One M7 to this OnePlus One. I will be making some comparisons between these two devices.

I thought the packaging of the device was nice. The packaging was simplistic but still had style.

Setting up the device was easy. It asked me for my Google account. It also asks if me if I want to make a CyanogenMod account. Since I didn’t have an account I created one. My phone needed the XNPH25R Incremental CyanogenMod update, when I turned it on. I installed the updated and my phone was ready within a couple minutes. Continue reading

How to disable Chrome’s “Origin chip” to reveal website’s URL

I use Chrome beta for a browser. I was quite annoyed to see that a recent update to my browser took away the URL string. See below:

This is what the Chrome address bar normally looks like.

Google Chrome URL 2

This is the new Chrome-beta update they are trying on some users. Take notice of the address bar. Even though I had clicked on a couple links, the address bar says the website address instead of the URL string.

Google Chrome URL


I found an article that talked about this update. I learned that you can disable this feature. Here are the steps.

Step One: Open Chrome and type Chrome://flags

Step Two: Hit Ctrl + F on your keyboard and search for origin chip. You should get a couple options.  “Enable Origin chip” should be set to default. “Enable origin chip in Omnibox” should be set to disabled.

origin chip

Relaunch your browser. You should be back to the default URL string now.

One thing that really annoyed me with this update. When I want to copy a URL ,I need to click the origin chip. Then it would display the URL string. Then I could copy the URL. In my opinion, that is one step too many. I hope this helps you out.

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Invading our Privacy? Google allows Google+ Connections to E-mail You

This is my view on the recent announcement that Google will allow their Google+ users to email anyone using their Google+ name. I’m sure some people will agree with my view and others will not, but who cares, you are entitled to your own opinion.

Traditionally, when you want to email someone you needed to get their email address. Google announced a few changes this week on their blog. Gmail will now suggest your Google+ contacts as recipients even though you don’t know their addresses. Lets stop and think, who really needs this? My friends have my email address and the people that don’t have it, really don’t need it.


By default for most people, Google has the “Email via Google+” option, set to “Anyone on Google+” can email you.  I am going to set that option to “only my Circles” can email me, without my address. I would recommend you to do the same. Most people I know can’t keep up with their email inbox already. Why would you want more random email? Don’t you get enough social updates about people you don’t care about already?  Continue reading

Warranty Claim for HTC One Google Play Edition

I purchased a GPE HTC One a couple months ago. Recently I had the unfortunate experience of my phone quitting on me. It wouldn’t turn on. I connected my phone to multiple chargers and verified those chargers were working, but it still wouldn’t power on. So I requested a warranty claim. Here is how I went about getting my warranty claim.

First off I “Googled” my issues and came up with this site.

I selected my device.

However, that site didn’t give me any information on how to contact Google, then I found this site . This website had support numbers for various countries. I called Google and got a helpful representative on the phone.

She stepped me through a couple troubleshooting steps to confirm the device was dead- it was. Once finished with the questions, she took my information and told me Google would Continue reading

Bored? Visit these websites. . .

Here are a couple of cool websites to check out when you are bored. . .

The first site I have for you is called “ One second on the Internet there are“. . .

One Second

This site shows in graphical illustration just how many tweets are tweeted a second, how many videos are played on YouTube a second, how many files are uploaded to Drop box each second,
Continue reading