Microsoft Publisher Cannot Load the Speller or Dictionary

The other day, while working in Microsoft Publisher, one of my clients was greeted with the following message: 

Publisher cannot load the speller or dictionary. To install the Spell Checker and Hyphenation dictionary, run Publisher Setup again and choose Custom Installation. For information on running Setup, Press F1. 

Microsoft Publisher Search

My client was using Publisher 2016 as part of the Microsoft Office 365 E3 suite on a Windows 10 Pro computer.

It turns out the fix was simple enough. 

I ran a Quick Repair of Microsoft Office. Once the Quick Repair was completed, I opened Microsoft Publisher and Spell Checker and Dictionary was once again working. If you need instructions on how to run a Quick Repair on Office continue reading:

Step One: Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features 

Step Two: Find Microsoft Office (365) and right-click on it and select Change.Microsoft Office 365 Change

Step Three: Select Quick RepairQuick Repair of Office 2016

Let the Quick Repair complete and open Microsoft Publisher again. Everything should be working correctly now.

I hope this tip helps you. If it did, please let a comment below. This was posted by techspeeder. 

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