How to Enable Remote Audio/ Multiple Monitors for Hyper-V RDP Session

A little while ago I wanted to enable Audio on my Hyper-V virtual machine. Below, I will share the tip that allows you to enable remote audio, dual monitor support, printers, and other options on a Hyper-V RDP session. 

Step One: Open Hyper-V Manager Console.

Step Two: Start your Virtual Machine

Step Three: When your Virtual Machine is running, right-click on the VM and select Edit Session Settings.

Edit VM Settings

You should then see a box similar to the one below.  On the dialog box, you can select which resolution you will connect to your VM and whether or not to use all your monitors. Click Show Options.Connect to VM

Once you click show options you will get this dialog box. Click Local Resources. (Also make sure to select Save Settings for Future Connections)Dialog Box VM

Once you click the Local Resources tab, you will get the following box. Local Resources Settings

Under Local Resources, you can specify your remote audio settings as well as whether to use your printers and clipboard, etc. Just make sure to save your settings.

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