How to Disable Microsoft Edge: Did you mean to switch apps?

 If you are using Microsoft Edge and you visit a website and click on an email address to email someone more than likely you’ve seen this pop-up.
While the above pop-up is for your security, it can be annoying. Here is how to disable the message “Did you mean to switch apps?”

Step One: Open Internet Explorer. Yes! Not Edge. Go to a website that has an email address link. Click on the email address and you will receive a popup like below. 

Step Two: Uncheck “Always ask before opening this type of address” 

By unchecking the above option, this also disables the “Did You Mean to Switch Apps” message in Microsoft Edge. 

Hope this helps, this was posted by techspeeder. 

3 thoughts on “How to Disable Microsoft Edge: Did you mean to switch apps?

  1. Amanda Seibert

    I am getting this pop up but unrelated to email. I use a web conferencing website and every time I try to share my screen I get this pop up. Any clue how to make it stop?

    1. Patrick McQuillin

      The title of this article is misleading, Like Amanda, I am getting this pop up unrelated to email. When I select an physical address in Edge, ask Cortana, then click on the map thumbnail in Cortana’s results, I get this message. I have no idea what it’s asking me but Yes is the only answer that takes me to the map.

      I’m a techie and this is confusing. How do non-techies get by in Windows 10 and Microsoft Edge?


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