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How to Configure a Actiontec DSL Modem for Century Link

Here are the settings to configure you Actiontec DSL Modem with Century Link as your Internet provider. The modem I used for this blog post was a Actiontec  GT701D.

First off plug the power cable and DSL cable into the modem. Next plug one end of the Ethernet cable into the modem and the other end into your computer. Check to make sure the Power light, DSL light, and Ethernet light are all solid green. If the DSL light is not solid green call Century Link. Something is not right with your Internet connection and you will not be able to configure the modem without a good DSL signal.

Open your browser and type in the IP address of the modem. Normally the IP address of the modem will be .  This should take you to a “Main Menu” screen. Normally I try the “Auto Configure Your Gateway” option, but most times it doesn’t find the settings for Century Link. If it doesn’t find the settings, click on the “Manual Setup” option.

Select the “RFC1483 via DHCP” option under Quick Setup and then Apply.



Next go under Advanced Setup and click DSL Settings.
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