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Gmail IMAP “All Mail” Folder Missing in Outlook 2013

I set up a Gmail email address in Outlook 2013 the other day. The customer wanted his Gmail account set up as an IMAP account.  I entered the settings and configured the account. Everything was working fine besides the fact the “all mail” folder was missing. There is a simple fix for this.

Step One: Right-click on your Gmail account in Outlook and click new folder. Name the new folder All Mail.

Create All Mail FolderStep Two: Right-click on your email account select Update Folder ListUpdate Folders

Your email account will synchronize your folders and will now bring down your email into your “All Mail” folder.

That was the “fix” that worked for me. If this didn’t fix your problem you can also try the following suggestion. Continue reading

Invading our Privacy? Google allows Google+ Connections to E-mail You

This is my view on the recent announcement that Google will allow their Google+ users to email anyone using their Google+ name. I’m sure some people will agree with my view and others will not, but who cares, you are entitled to your own opinion.

Traditionally, when you want to email someone you needed to get their email address. Google announced a few changes this week on their blog. Gmail will now suggest your Google+ contacts as recipients even though you don’t know their addresses. Lets stop and think, who really needs this? My friends have my email address and the people that don’t have it, really don’t need it.


By default for most people, Google has the “Email via Google+” option, set to “Anyone on Google+” can email you.  I am going to set that option to “only my Circles” can email me, without my address. I would recommend you to do the same. Most people I know can’t keep up with their email inbox already. Why would you want more random email? Don’t you get enough social updates about people you don’t care about already?  Continue reading