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DVD Drive Error Code 32 – A driver (service) for this device has been disabled. An alternate driver maybe providing the functionality

I connected to a customer today that said their DVD/CD drive wasn’t working. I checked the device manager and I instantly saw what the issue was. The DVD drive had a yellow warning triangle over it, indicating the driver was missing or wasn’t working.

DVD Driver Warning

PLDS DVD+-RW DH-16AAS ATA Device Driver Warning

I right-clicked on the PLDS DVD+ RW DH-16AAS ATA Device and got properties of the DVD drive. This is the message the driver gave me.  A driver (service) for this device has been disabled. An alternate driver maybe providing the functionality. 

It took me a while to find the solution but this is what fixed it for me. You won’t even need to install a new driver, its a simple registry fix.

Step One: Go to Device Manager and right click on the DVD drive and uninstall the device.

Step Two: ( Please backup your registry before doing this) Open Regedit. Continue reading

Desktop does not load and only displays blue background after Windows 7 log on

This morning our customer called me and said their computer was “blue screening”. When you hear someone is having a blue screen that is never good news, but I decided to try figuring it out. They told me the computer would start up just fine and would come up to the log on screen. Once they unlocked the computer and logged in, it would instantly “blue screen”.

I had the customer restart the computer and tap F8 until they got the “advanced boot options” in Windows 7. I had them select the option, “Safe Mode with Networking”. The computer booted up and our customer logged in just fine.

I connected with our remote program. I thought it might be just a graphics driver issue. I uninstalled the current graphics driver and installed a newer driver. I rebooted and to my chagrin nothing changed. I ran a Malwarebytes and Kaaspersky TDSSKiller scan. Malwarebytes found two small threats. I removed them. I also went into msconfig and disabled some of the startup items and services that weren’t necessary. I opened Event Viewer and checked on the logs. The logs didn’t tell me much. I rebooted the computer.

We let the computer start normally. I had the customer log into the computer and once again it “blue screened”. I questioned our customer a little more and she said it came up to a “blue screen” but the “blue screen” had no words on it. I became suspious that something else was wrong. I told her to go CTRL+ALT+DEL and let me know if anything came up. She listed the normal programs the come up in Windows 7. I told her to open Task Manager.  I Continue reading