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“Insert a smart card” prompt instead of administrator credentials option

I recently worked on a laptop that every time I wanted to uninstall a program or do an administrative privilege on a standard user account it would ask me to “insert a smart card”. I didn’t have a smart card but normally you can enter the administrator credentials. However the administrator login box wouldn’t appear. Insert a Smart Card

This issue was quite annoying but there is a relatively easy fix. 

Restart your computer and tap F8 to get into Safe Mode. You can choose regular Safe Mode or Safe Mode with Networking. Once you log into Windows using Safe Mode, you should see a Windows Administrator account. Log into the Administrator account.

Click on the start menu and type in “cmd” and right-click on command prompt and run as administrator. Type this command: net user administrator /active:yes  This command will enable the hidden built-in administrator account in Windows.  Reboot your computer.

Log into a standard Windows user account and try doing an administrative privilege. Administrator PromptYou should now have an option to enter the administrator credentials as well as inserting a smart card.

Conclusion: The Windows administrator user account must have been hidden. Since the administrator account was hidden, when I tried to do an administrative task on a standard user account only the “insert a smart card prompt” would appear. I enabled the hidden built-in administrator account and I could then enter the administrator credentials.

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Protect your saved passwords in Mozilla Firefox.

Passwords, passwords, passwords it seems like every site you visit, they ask you to set up an account and with that comes another password. Just last week, the Internet lit up with the story of chrome’s password management. Everyone was screaming treason about how visible your saved chrome passwords are. All you have to do is enter  chrome://settings/passwords into your Chrome browser and then click show to view your passwords in plain text. If you use Mozilla Firefox you are not much better off. If you open your Firefox browser and go to Options> Options>Security>Saved Passwords and then click  show passwords, all your saved passwords are visible in plain text to anyone that has access to your computer. However, Firefox has a setting called Use a master password to make your saved passwords more secure. Here is how you set that up.

Step One: Open Firefox.

Step Two: Drop down the Firefox tab click Options>Options. Continue reading