Internet Explorer 10 crashes every time I print

After I fixed Internet Explorer 10 crashing on start up, (previous post) I ran into another issue. Every time I would try printing a web page out of Internet Explorer 10, my browser would freeze and then crash. I started looking online for a fix. I searched on forums and all over the internet but could not find a fix for this issue. Here is some of the troubleshooting I went through before I found the fix.

I tried running Internet Explorer 10 as administrator. I ran it without-addons. I ran Internet Explorer with Enable Protected Mode, selected and deselected. I tried everything I could think of.

I then decided to check for Windows Updates. In Windows Updates, there was an update for a DisplayLink Display Adapter (01E6). I installed the DisplayLink Adapter Driver Update. I then tried printing a webpage out of Internet Explorer and it worked fine. Every since I installed the DisplayLink Driver Update I was able to print out of Internet Explorer 10.

That seems like a weird fix for a IE 10 printing issue and I can’t explain why it worked. My theory is that since I selected, use software rendering instead of GPU rendering for accelerated graphics (look at previous post), the graphics driver would freeze or hang and then in turn I couldn’t print.

So if you are having issues printing out of Internet Explorer 10, one thing I would try is to update your graphics/display driver. If this fixes your issue like it did mine, let me know by posting in the comments.

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8 thoughts on “Internet Explorer 10 crashes every time I print

  1. Bubba

    If I had time I’d post a link to this on every forum where this issue has been posted. I have this problem with my wife’s Lenovo Ideapad with both IE10 and IE11 this is the only thing that fixed it.


  2. Bernard

    You’re a genius! I’ve had this problem all along with IE 9, 10 and 11 – and no solution up to this time worked!!! Thanks a helluva lot!!!

    1. Merlin Halteman Post author

      Matt, I don’t have a KB number to give you. I wish Microsoft would have a fix-it for this issue, but as far as I know they haven’t. I’ll post the number if I find one that relates.


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