Unmountable_Boot_Volume 0x000000ED Blue Screen avgidsha.sys Windows Seven

Today I looked at a Windows 7 computer that would start, but would blue screen before coming up to the Windows login screen. Our customer said his Windows Seven computer started crashing on start up after he restarted his computer for Windows Updates. ( I think that happened to be coincidental )  Here are some of the troubleshooting steps I went through and the solution I found.

Unmountable_Boot_Volume 0x000000ED Blue screen

Troubleshooting Step One: I hit F8 ( keyboard) on start up and selected Disable Automatic Restart on System Failure. I then left the computer start up and it then blue screened. The blue screen error was UNMOUNTABLE_BOOT_VOLUME 0x000000ED.

Troubleshooting Step Two: I hit F8 ( keyboard) on start up and selected Safe Mode. The drivers loaded until I got to the AVGIDSHA.sys driver. The computer sat at that driver for a bit then crashed.

avgidsha.sys blue screen

Troubleshooting Step Three: I hit F8 and selected Repair my Computer. I ran start up repair, but Windows was unable to fix the issue. I then tried doing a system restore but the computer couldn’t find any system restore points.

Troubleshooting Step Four: I ran chkdsk on the drive to make sure the hard drive was not giving errrors.

Here is my solution to the problem.

I slaved the hard drive to another computer by using this docking station. I then renamed the AVG program folder to AVG.old.  The AVG folder is located under Program Files (x86) folder. 

I put the hard drive back into the computer and started it back up. I logged into Windows just fine. I then deleted the avg.old folder and removed AVG off the computer. ( Just uninstall AVG, it is easier than trying to remove all the folders.) I also ran CCleaner to remove any registry files that could still be lurking.

I then reinstalled AVG again.

Conclusion: Somehow AVG got corrupted. Every time I tried booting into Windows, AVG would try starting up resulting in the Unmountable_Boot_Volume 0x000000ED Blue Screen avgidsha.sys. Removed AVG and everything was fine.

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Thanks for the troubleshooting tip tmarcelo.

One thought on “Unmountable_Boot_Volume 0x000000ED Blue Screen avgidsha.sys Windows Seven

  1. BromBear

    I had pretty much the same issue on my son’s laptop (Win7 64) after an AVG update on 29. September. Two things are different, though:
    – the BSOD seen was another popular one, 0x7B (something with the boot device)
    – I did the same repair attempts as you did and had the same results, except the last one: renaming anything named AVG* did not help in my case, Win7 still BSODing at every attempt.
    Sad 🙁


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