How to retrieve your lost wireless passkey- Windows 7

Did you ever forget what your wireless passkey was? Or did you ever want to connect to a secured wireless network but didn’t know the wireless key? Here is a tip on how to retrieve a wireless passkey on a Windows 7 computer.

Step One: Go to Control Panel > Network and Internet.Control Panel

Step Two: Select Network and Sharing Center.

Control Panel

Step Three: Select Manage wireless networks

Manage Wireless Networks

Step Four: You will now see the wireless networks you connected your computer to. Right-click on the wireless network (the one you need the password for) and select Properties.

Wireless Networks

Step Five : You will not be presented with the next window.

Wireless Properties

Click on the Security tab.

Step Six : Check the box beside show characters. The wireless passkey will now be shown in clear text.

Wireless Passkey


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