Instagram 4.1 Update Error “Package File is Invalid”

When I try to update my Android Instagram App to version 4.1, I get the error “Package file is invalid”. I tried this update both on my HTC One Google Play Edition and my 2013 Nexus 7 and I get the same error. Did anyone else run into this error and if so were you able to fix it?

Instagram Update Error

Update: I was able to get my HTC One to update over mobile data, previously I was trying to update over WiFi. Thanks for the tip xdadevelopers forum.  I just updated my 2013 Nexus Seven over WiFi and it worked, so apparently the bug was fixed.

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  1. Kirb

    On my Google Nexus (2013), the Instagram update automatically installed and it didn’t give any error messages. My brother though was complaining about that same error message. Not sure what’s going on.


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