Bored? Visit these websites. . .

Here are a couple of cool websites to check out when you are bored. . .

The first site I have for you is called “ One second on the Internet there are“. . .

One Second

This site shows in graphical illustration just how many tweets are tweeted a second, how many videos are played on YouTube a second, how many files are uploaded to Drop box each second,

and many other statistics. It is quite mind-boggling the amount of media and data is consumed and created every second on the Internet.

The second site is called” Let me Google that for You“.

Let me Google that

Let me Google that

This is the perfect website for the “tech guy” that gets bombarded with questions from family and friends about computers and other technical problems. Just enter the question in the search box and send them the link! It is a great way to let them know that you don’t need to be pestered every time they have an issue.  If you are a Bing fan they also have a website called let me Bing that for you.

Hope you enjoyed this post. Thanks to The Verge  for the tip on One Second on the Internet.


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