How to make a Vacation Responder with Office 365 OWA

Office 365 allows you to make a vacation responder in the Outlook web app. This is very useful if you are on the road and don’t have your work computer handy. Or if you don’t feel like setting up a rule in Outlook.

Here are the steps: Go to .

Sign in with your credentials (normally your email address and password).0365 Login

Click on the settings gear and select “Set Automatic Replies”.

Automatic Replies

You can now make a vacation responder message. You can specify how long the vacation responder lasts. OWA even lets you set a custom message for the people inside your organization. Pretty cool, eh?

Automatic Replies Make sure you click “save”. You will be all set!

If you have Outlook 2013, it is smart enough to let you know you have a vacation responder (automatic reply) turned on.Outlook 2013

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