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Microsoft Publisher Cannot Load the Speller or Dictionary

The other day, while working in Microsoft Publisher, one of my clients was greeted with the following message: 

Publisher cannot load the speller or dictionary. To install the Spell Checker and Hyphenation dictionary, run Publisher Setup again and choose Custom Installation. For information on running Setup, Press F1. 

Microsoft Publisher Search

My client was using Publisher 2016 as part of the Microsoft Office 365 E3 suite on a Windows 10 Pro computer.

It turns out the fix was simple enough. 

I ran a Quick Repair of Microsoft Office. Once the Quick Repair was completed, I opened Microsoft Publisher and Spell Checker and Dictionary was once again working. If you need instructions on how to run a Quick Repair on Office continue reading: Continue reading

Learning how to use Office Deployment Toolkit 2016

This is the first time I have used the Office Deployment toolkit for Office 2016. To be honest, I have never used the Office Deployment toolkit at all. I decided to blog about how to install Office 2016 from a shared network drive using Office Deployment toolkit. This blog post may be a bit basic and tedious – but I want those who are new at using this tool to be able to figure out how to use it.  I am also documenting the process for myself so I don’t forget how to do it.

In the process of learning how to use the Office deployment toolkit, I found many websites that had parts of the process documented. However, it seemed they never quite had a full documentation process. I will show you from start to finish on how to deploy Office 2016 from a network location.

Step One: Let’s download the Office Deployment toolkit for Office 2016. Office Deployment Toolkit 2016Once you have the tool downloaded, extract the files to your desktop. You will see two files, a setup.exe file and a configuration.xml file. Continue reading

Resolved: Office 2016 (0x80041015) We ran into a problem while trying to install the product key

Recently, we upgraded a customer from a local Exchange server to Office 365. For a majority of the users, we purchased Office 365 Business Premium licenses that included Office 2016 (Buy Office 2016).

Office 2016 activated just fine on all the computers besides one PC. The computer was running Windows 8.1 with Office 2013. We uninstalled Office 2013 and downloaded and installed Office 2016 from his Office 365 account. After the installation, a dialog box prompted him to sign into his Office 365 account to activate Office. He signed into his account, and Office 365 tried to verify his subscription but it would eventually error out and say:

Sorry, we ran into a problem while trying to install the product key. If this keeps happening, you should try repairing your office product. (System error: 0x80041015)Office 2016 Activation Error

I wasn’t sure what to do so I tried all the things below – but to no avail.

  1. I uninstalled Office – twice. Didn’t fix it.
  2. Tried Repairing Office 2016 – didn’t work.
  3. Logged in with the domain administrator account and tried activating Office – failed.
  4. Tried activating office with another Office 365 account – that didn’t work either.
  5. Started Office in Safe Mode – no go.
  6. Deleted credentials out of credential manager. Same results
  7. Upgraded computer from Windows 8 to Windows 10. – failed
  8. I downloaded and installed Office 2016 from his Office 365 account on another computer. This different computer activated just fine! So I knew it was a computer issue, not an Office 365 account problem .
  9. Logged into Windows 10 in Safe Mode to activate Office 2016. Failed.

I also checked Event Viewer for clues, and I found this. ” Installation of the Proof of Purchase failed. 0x80041015 Partial Pkey=M7TW3″  I looked online for help with this error but I came up empty.Security-SPP Office 2016

I was at the end of my troubleshooting rope. I decided to reach out to Microsoft about this issue. Here is what they advised me to do – and it fixed it! Below you will find the solution.


Step One:  Sign out from all your Office 365 applications.

Step Two: Remove the Office credentials from credential manager. To remove the Office credentials from credential manager please follow the below step

Go to Control Panel — > Credential Manager — > Windows Credentials — > Delete the Microsoft 15 credentials.

 Step Three: Remove the credentials from registry.  (Backup registry first)

Here is the Registry key location from where we can delete the identities and profiles  HKEY_Current_User \ Software \ Microsoft \ Office \ 15.0 \ Common \ Identity — > Delete the Identities and Profiles folders.

I opened up the Office applications and signed into the user’s Office account. Bingo! It activated right away.

Summary: Deleting those offending registry keys was the step that fixed my issueI hope this can help someone else. Please leave a comment below if this helped or if you have anything to add.

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Do I Need to Re-Install Office When I Switch Office 365 plans?

Do I need to re-install Microsoft Office when I switch Office 365 plans? This was the question I was faced with the other day. Our customer was switching from the discontinued Office 365 Midsize Business subscription to the Office 365 Business Premium plan. Here is what I learned doing this switch-over.

I used the switch plans utility in the Office 365 web control panel. The switch of the licenses was seamless. You can find information here on how to use the switch plans utility.

I thought I was all set! I was wrong. A couple days later our customer complained to me that they were getting pop-ups in their Office applications saying the product was unlicensed.

Office 365 Subscription Has Expired

I was suspicious it was because we had switched plans. Microsoft Access is not included in the Business Premium package. I thought maybe the parts of Microsoft Office that our customer wasn’t paying for would just become disabled and the rest of the suite would work properly.

I tried signing into their office account and switching licenses for the Office suite that was installed but it wouldn’t recognize the new licenses. Continue reading

How to make a Vacation Responder with Office 365 OWA

Office 365 allows you to make a vacation responder in the Outlook web app. This is very useful if you are on the road and don’t have your work computer handy. Or if you don’t feel like setting up a rule in Outlook.

Here are the steps: Go to mail.office365.com .

Sign in with your credentials (normally your email address and password).0365 Login

Click on the settings gear and select “Set Automatic Replies”. Continue reading