QuickBooks Pro 2015 Occasionally Asks for Administrator Credentials

We installed QuickBooks Pro 2015 on a terminal server running Windows Server 2012 R2. Quickbooks would work great for the most part, but once in a while Quickbooks would prompt for an administrator password.QuickBooks UAC Prompt Our customer called us about this issue so we decided to give his user account administrator Windows credentials on the terminal server. It didn’t go very long till he called us back again and told us that Quickbooks was still prompting for an administrator password. QuickBooks Database CredentialsAfter doing some research, this is the fix that worked for me.

Go to your start menu and type in Services.msc. Open Services and scroll down till you find QuickBooksDB25 service. The QuickBooksDB25 service name will change according to the version of Quickbooks you are running.

  • QuickBooksDB25 (QuickBooks 2015)   Amazon Button (via NiftyButtons.com)
  • QuickBooksDB24 (QuickBooks 2014)
  • QuickBooksDB23 (QuickBooks 2013)
  • QuickBooksDB22 (QuickBooks 2012)
  • QuickBooksDB21 (QuickBooks 2011)

Stop the QuickBooksDB25 service. Right-click on the service and go to the Log On tab.QuickBooksDB25 Service

You will see Quickbooks is logging on with the QuickBooksDB25 account.This account is a generic account Quickbooks creates on the host computer or server. Click the option “Log On as Local System account”.

QuickBooksDB25 Logon AccountClick Apply and then OK. Start the QuickBooksDB25 service. Once these changes are in affect this will allow everyone to make administrator changes in Quickbooks even if they aren’t a Windows administrator.

I hope this helps. Let me know by posting in the comment section below. Please follow me on Twitter.

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Amazon Button (via NiftyButtons.com)

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    Thank you for the information, but could you just elaborate that where are you making these changes on server side or client side?


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