Remote Desktop Connection Username or Password are Wrong

I recently set up a Windows 7 computer that could be accessed out of office via a remote desktop. The problem I was having, was that everytime I tried to connect to the computer I would receive an error. The error said something like this, “Remote Desktop can’t connect because the username or password is wrong”. So naturally, I entered the password again but with the same results. I checked the username- it was correct ( so I thought). I kept trying the credentials and I “knew” I had them correct. Finally at my wits end, I contacted another technician about this problem.

He asked me if I renamed the Windows 7 user account after I had setup the computer. I told him I had renamed the account. The tech told me that the when connecting via a Remote Desktop connection the user name needs to match the one under C:\users folder. I had changed the user account from (ex.) User to User1. This had been the cause of all my issues.

I tried connecting to the Windows 7 computer , but this time using the old username of User. Just that fast I was connected to the computer via an remote desktop connection.

Conclusion: The updated user account name, User1 was not recognized by Windows through the RDP session since the C:\Users folder didn’t match. To avoid this frustrating circumstance, it is best not to rename your user account after you have created it if you are planning to connect to your computer via RDP.

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