How to Enable “Undo Send” for your Gmail Account

Recently, Gmail rolled out a cool little feature called “undo send”. Basically this feature allows a user to “call back” a sent email. “Undo Send” doesn’t actually pull the email from the recipient’s mailbox; but instead puts a small time limit on the email before it is sent from your account. This allows you to undo a “sent” email for up to 30 seconds.

This is very useful if you accidentally forgot to attach a document or having the wrong recipient for the email. I would recommend enabling this feature. It may save you some embarrassment down the road.

Here is how to enable “Undo Send” for your Gmail account.

Step One: Log into your Gmail account.

Step Two: Click the gear in the right hand corner and go down to Settings.Gmail Settings

Step Three: Once Settings is opened click the General tab and you will see an Undo Send Option.Undo Setting Gmail

Check the box enable undo send. You can specify how long you want Undo Send to be available. You can choose between 5-30 seconds.Gmail Undo Send Settings

Scroll down to the button of your page and save settings.

Now when you send an email you will have an option up top to undo send. Undo Send Message Gmail


If you decide to recall one of your email messages you will see the following pop-up.Gmail Sending Email Undone

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