Windows 10 VPN – “Connect” Missing from First List of Network Connections

Update: Microsoft Listened! The Windows 10 Creator’s update has fixed this issue! 


Okay, so I wasn’t sure how to title this article. However, I will endeavor to explain my frustration I am having with Windows 10’s VPN settings.

Whenever I click the network icon in Windows 10, it will bring up my local connection, WiFinetworks, and VPN connections. When I select my VPN connection instead of being able to connect directly from the first network setting list I get directed into the Settings app in Windows 10.

Windows 10 Network Connections

Connect is “Missing” underneath my VPN connection on Windows 10.

From the Settings app in Windows 10, I can then select my VPN connection and click connect.

Windows 10 Settings App

Windows 10 Settings App

I know this may sound quite trivial but it is a frustration especially since it feels like we took a step back from Windows 7 and Windows 8.

I did some searching online to see if I was alone in my complaint. I certainly wasn’t. I found this thread on Microsoft’s forums with other people frustrated with the same limitation. On this forum I came across a work around to allow me to connect from the first list of network connections. Thanks Tobias.Csaki

Here are the steps to accomplish this.

Step One: Open Regedit ( How did you know this wasn’t coming ha! ) (WIN+R and type regedit.exe)

Step Two: Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Control Panel\Settings\Network

Step Three:Take ownership of the “Network” key/folder (right click, Permissions)

Step Four: Select “Advanced” in the Permissions window

Step Five: In the Advanced window, select “Change” where the owner field is (at the top of the window)

Step Six: Type in your username and save your changes.

Step Seven: Close the advanced window

Step Eight: Now select “Administrators” in the security tab

Step Nine: Make sure “Full control” is selected, then apply changes

Step Ten: Now that’s done, double click “ReplaceVan

Step Eleven: Change it’s value to 2

These changes should take place without having to reboot. Now when you click the network connections icon you will get a Windows 8 type network menu that allows you to connect to your VPN connections.

Windows 10 VPN Connection Edits

The way it should look!

I think this registry edit is awesome! However, I don’t think we should have needed to do it in the first place! Please, Microsoft add this functionality back into Windows 10. I will keep you posted if I find a better solution.

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One thought on “Windows 10 VPN – “Connect” Missing from First List of Network Connections

  1. Tiago Fernandes

    You’re a star for publishing this, specially when someone like me runs through 40+ VPN connections that I connect to most of them every single day at work. Believe it or not, i havent upgraded my work laptop because of this issue and i also thought i was alone in the boat

    Once again, Thank you very much for posting this.


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