Windows 10 Tip: Show/Hide all Notification Area icons on the Windows Taskbar

After upgrading a computer from Windows 8 to Windows 10, I noticed the icons from the notification center were strung out across the task bar. Windows 10 Notification Across Taskbar


By default in Windows 10 your notification center will resemble this. Windows 10 Notifications

You will have your most important icons in your task bar and the rest will display if you click the “up” arrow.Default Notification Center Windows 10 Apparently, this setting can be turned on in Windows 10.  I decided to find out where to change it.

Open the Windows 10 Settings App (Win Key + I ) . 

Click System Windows 10 Settings App

Notifications > Actions

Select: Select which icons appear on the task barWindows 10 Notification & Taskbar

Under this menu you can select certain icons to show in the notification area on your task bar. Windows 10 Taskbar Notification Center

By default most icons will appear when you click the “up” arrow in the task bar. My personal preference is to hide most of the notification icons, but it is great Windows gives you the option to customize your notification area.

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