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IE10 Evernote Web Clipper Error: We cannot establish connection with Evernote application

A customer recently called me and said he was having difficulty clipping websites with Evernote Web Clipper, he would receive the following message:

Evernote Web Clipper Error

We cannot establish connection with Evernote application. Most likely you have ‘Enhanced Protected Mode’ enabled. To enable Evernote Clipper please preform following steps:              1. Navigate to Tools->Internet Options-> Advanced                                                                        2. In Security section unmark ‘Enable Enhanced Protected Mode’                                                3. Save changes                                                                                                                                  4. Restart Internet Explorer                                                                                                              If it does not help, please submit support ticket at http://support.evernote.com

Our customer was running Internet Explorer 10 and apparently the security settings didn’t allow Evernote Clipper to clip web pages. Continue reading