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I had a situation recently, where I had to install Microsoft Office 2013 on a computer that didn’t have internet access. Office 2013 is not sold with disc, but with a product key card. Here is how I managed to install Office 2013 completely offline. You will need Internet access one time to download the disc image of Office 2013, after you have the disc image you will be able to install Office completely offline on other computers.

Set up a Microsoft account for the customer. You can sign up here.

Next go to and sign in with your Microsoft Account.Offie Setup

Enter the product key and hit “get started”. Go through the setup until you come to the “download Microsoft Office to the computer” screen. Then you will want to select the option, “Install from a disc“.Install Office from Disk

Select “I want to burn a disc”.Burn Disk

Download the Office Home & Business or Home and Student disc image file to your computer and burnt it to a DVD.

Then select “View your product key“, this is the key you will enter to install your Office 2013 offline.

View Product Key

Put the DVD in your computer and run the setup wizard. Select the product key option to install Office, enter your product key, and Office will install in minutes.

I hope this helps.

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3 thoughts on “Install Microsoft Office 2013 from a disc

  1. john Garner

    I have a subscription from Technic that I think still is valid, however the serial number states that it’s in error. I left a request for Monday at 1:30 PM to be contacted because I am curious as to what happen since less than two weeks ago I did successfully load it on a window 10 operational system.

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