Remote Web Access Server 2012 – Opens only Dashboard not Remote Desktop Session

Here is a small tip for the enterprise user. The new remote web access that comes with Windows Server 2012 and 2012 R2 is really nice. However, I ran into a problem when I wanted to connect to the server using the remote web access website. When I clicked on the server I wanted to connect to, instead of connecting to the server using a remote desktop connection, it would connect to the server dashboard instead. It is actually quite simple to disable the setting when you know where to look. Here are the instructions.

Step One: Open Windows Server Dashboard and click on Home > Getting Started

Step Two: Click on Setup Anywhere Access > Click to Configure Anywhere AccessConfigure Anywhere Access

Step Three: Click on the Customize option beside Website Settings.Customize Website

Step Four: Click on Server Connection Options tab.Open Remote Desktop Under Server Connection Options you can select how you want to connect to your server using remote web access. By default Open Dashboard will be selected, just select Open Remote Desktop instead. Save your settings and you will be all set.

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One thought on “Remote Web Access Server 2012 – Opens only Dashboard not Remote Desktop Session

  1. System Manager

    New install of Server 2016 Standard with Essentials role: I found that this dashboard setting applied in Edge, but not in Firefox! And in Edge, it applied to the domain admin account, but not to end users. Go figure. Also I found (after upgrading from SBS 2011) that Edge cache showed me an amalgam of the old SBS 2011 RWW page, and the new WSE 2016 AA page. Scary! Figured out it was cache (and once cleared I got a ‘clean’ WSE AA page) but my, my; that was weird for a moment. Anyway worth testing your remote access in multiple browsers before sending instrux to end users, esp if you are upgrading from a previous remote web.


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