QuickBooks Premier 2013 Missing Outlook Option for Send Form

I ran into this bizarre issue today. A customer called and said two of their computers could not email out of QuickBooks 2013 using Outlook 2013. Both computers were running Windows 7 Professional 64bit. I connected to one of the troublesome computers and sure enough, I browsed to Edit > Preferences > Send Form. Under Send Form they had the Web Mail and QuickBooks E-mail options but the Outlook option was mysteriously missing.

Outlook Send Form Option Missing So I rolled up my sleeves and went to work on it.

After about five or six hours of troubleshooting this issue I finally was able to get the problem resolved. I was on the phone with a QuickBooks rep for over two hours and he didn’t know the answer to the issue either. Here are some of the troubleshooting steps I went through before I found the solution. I will include links at the bottom of my article for some of the websites I visited trying to find a solution.

I. I made sure Outlook 2013 was a supported version in QuickBooks 2013.

II. Made Sure Outlook was the default mail program.

III. Set the default email program in Internet Explorer.

IV. Made sure their was a Mail profile in Outlook. I also created a new Outlook profile just in case that was the issue. It wasn’t.

V. I ran a repair on Office 2013 and QuickBooks 2013.

VI. I uninstalled Office 2013 and QuickBooks Premier 2013 and then reinstalled both programs.

VII. I made sure the QuickBooks user had full permissions.

VIII. Signed into QuickBooks with another user on the troublesome computer and that user had the same issue.

IX. Connected to another computer with the same Office and QuickBooks configuration and they could send emails out of QuickBooks with Outlook.

X. I installed QuickBooks 2015 on one of the workstations with the issue. I restored a backup of the company file into QuickBooks 2015 and I had the exact same issue – I couldn’t use Outlook 2013 to email.

XI. Made sure I was running a 32 bit version of Microsoft Office.

XII: Tested  to make sure my MAPI32.dll was working fine.

What I took away from my troubleshooting so far was that this issue was workstation specific and it had nothing to do with permissions, the QuickBooks data file, or QuickBooks version. I was grasping for straws at this point. I found other people online with the same problem but nobody had answers. After some more searching, I came across a tip from a Intuit forum that fixed my issue. Hats off to DLAB_IT , you saved my day! Here is how he explained this issue.

This may be a combination of Intuit and Microsoft not playing nicely. Intuit QuickBooks seems to still be looking at old pointer locations for MAPI information while Microsoft is moving away from those and going to new HTTP/RPC driven ‘solutions’ – in short Intuit is looking and Microsoft isn’t pointing. DLAB_IT 

Are you ready for the solution? Here goes. . .

Step One:  Browse to C:\Windows\win.ini . Open the win.ini file add the following section at the bottom of the file.



MAPIX=1Edit win.ini file Windows 7

Note: There shouldn’t be any spaces between the words. Save the file. If it doesn’t let you save the file to the same location, just save it to your desktop and then copy and paste it back into the C:\Windows\win.ini directory and overwrite the old file.


Step Two: Open Registry Editor and add these keys and values. You won’t have most of these keys. I also included a download link to OneDrive where you can download each registry key I exported from my computer that had this issue. These registry files were from a computer running Windows 7 Professional 64bit. However, do this at your own risk and always backup your computer before messing with the registry.

Download: Fix One
Key: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\MAIL]
String Value: “MAPI”=”1”
String Value: “MAPIX”=”1”


Download:Fix Two

Key: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows Messaging Subsystem]
String Value: “MAPI”=”1”
String Value: “MAPIX”=”1”

Download:Fix Three 

Key: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\MAIL]
String Value: “MAPI”=”1”
String Value: “MAPIX”=”1”

Download:Fix Four

Key: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Windows MessagingSubsystem]
String Value: “MAPI”=”1”
String Value: “MAPIX”=”1”

I added these registry keys and files . I opened up QuickBooks and tried not to get my hopes to high. I went under Edit > Preferences > Send From in Quickbooks. Under “Send From” I saw Outlook listed!Send Form Option OutlookI couldn’t believe it. I selected Outlook as the default mail option and send a test email and everything was fine! I hope this works for you.


Update 6/2/15: I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard another customer was having this issue. I knew how long it took me before to get this issue fixed. The customer was running a Windows 7 computer. He had Outlook 2013 and Quickbooks 2015 Enterprise installed.

Just like before, Quickbooks wasn’t recognizing Outlook as a “Send Form” option. I followed my steps below and it worked. Just wanted to let you know that this fix works for computers running Windows 7 with Quickbooks Enterprise 2015 and Outlook 2013.

Let me know if this helps by posting a comment below. Feel free to follow my blog for more troubleshooting articles and tips. This was posted by techspeeder.

Sites that you may find helpful troubleshooting this issue.




32 thoughts on “QuickBooks Premier 2013 Missing Outlook Option for Send Form

  1. Peter

    Thanks a bunch – It worked. Was spending some time on Intuit site but they did not have your solution.

  2. Creation Nation (@creationnation)

    You – my friend – are a genius. Worked like a champ.

    There are so many people having this issue – you’d probably make a nice consulting biz using this info and helping others out! Haha.

    Thanks for sharing – our scenario was upgrading to QB 2015 and also upgrading Office.

  3. Raymond

    techspeeder, techmaster, techgod… thank you for you post I have tried all attempt found online and yours got it to work. edit win.ini (open notepad as elevated administrator)

    note: the same setup worked on other systems. last time I did this for another user I just reinstall both Office 2013 pro and Qbooks in order and it gave me the Outlook option.

    did the same for this particular system but it did not work??

    all system Windows 8.1 pro

    hopefully QuickBooks will figure this out soon.

    Thanks Again.

    1. Merlin Halteman Post author

      Thanks Raymond for the kind words. I’m just glad to help a fellow “geek”. I’m hoping QuickBooks figures this out as well! Feel free to follow my blog for more troubleshooting tips like this.

  4. Doug Kinzinger

    So many people having this problem with current versions of QuickBooks when using a version of Outlook with an Office 365 installation. I can confirm this fix works on Windows 8.1 x64 and Office 365, the Office 2013 version. I’ve also requested QuickBooks change the way they expect to find Outlook, as few other modern apps (think Adobe Reader, for example) have this problem.

  5. Barry

    Awesome, thank you for the fix. I applied the fix on a machine running Windows 10 64bit and Office 2013 32bit and this worked perfectly

  6. William

    How to I add those key? When I open

    Key: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Windows MessagingSubsystem]

    then just add MAPI=1 MAPIX=1 to it ?

    1. Merlin Halteman Post author

      Hello William,

      You will want to right-click in the open space next to MAPI=1 and click New > String Value and then enter MAPIX=1. Once you are finished, you should have two string value keys- one for MAPI=1 and MAPIX=1.


  7. Peter Eastvold

    I was trying to resolve this issue on Win8.1 with freshly installed QB Enterprise 16.0 and Outlook 2016, both fully updated.
    I was holding on to hope by reading your post… but then it didn’t seem to work.
    Lo and behold, it actually did work, but not until I restarted my machine. Maybe this makes the reg entries actually take hold, or QB to see them, or who knows…

    Anyway, you may want to add a restart to the original tutorial. Thanks a ton!

  8. James P. Clark

    Thanks for this very helpful tip. This solved my problem. I’m running Windows 7 Ultimate (64-bit), QuickBooks Pro 2016, Microsoft Office 2016 (32-bit), and the Outlook option for email did not show up in the Preferences. Until I made your suggested changes that is. It’s too bad that Intuit hasn’t offered this fix themselves. Poor customer service for sure.

  9. G

    Unbelievable. Can’t believe you figured a way to get Click To Run Office working with Quickbooks….

    Quickbooks should be ashamed they haven’t solved this yet. The 2017 install release notes still clearly says “Note: Office 365 is only supported when it is locally installed, not the web version.”

    Clikc to run has been out for years. 365 locally installed just isn’t possible.

  10. KR

    You are a godsend. I can tell you that this fix worked with Office 365, Outlook 2016 and Quickbooks 2014. I now have an Outlook option in preferences!!!! I was struggling along with the embedded mail client that would crash outlook every 2nd or 3rd email… THANK YOU!

  11. RWW

    WOW it worked for me too! Many thanks. I just upgraded to Office 2016 32 bit, running Windows 10 64 bit and Quickbooks 2013. Thank you very much.

    1. Gina Kesler

      I am on Win 10, office 2016 and QB 2013 and i could NOT locate 2 of the 4 keys listed to change. Am i the only one? Please advise and I’m going nuts saving invoices as a pdf and emailing separately! AARRggghh! thank you!

    1. budhabelly

      I am not IT literate but i have managed to follow the instructions as far as download these fixes – please please can you give a blow by blow account of what…I added these registry keys and files
      means. Did you add them as extra lines in the load of text in notepad? and then close it? I have no idea what to do next but you have the solution to my problem – i just don’t know how to administer the next phase?… thank you in advance

  12. hoyty (@hoyty)

    Thanks for this. Worked on Windows 10 with Click to Run version of Office 365 / 2016. Also in response to above comments Click to Run is the local install version of Office 365, when Intuit says web version I think they are referring to office.com version of Outlook / Word / Excel that runs inside browser.

  13. Yannik Gregoire

    Hello guys, i am running Windows 10 Pro x64, Office 2013 x64 and Quickbooks 2012. I am unable to get the check box for outlook. All the fix i see up on this page are for Office x32, but i am running x64. Can anybody help me fix this please ? Thank you

  14. Owen

    Running Office/Outlook 2016 x64, QB 2017 Premier x32, Windows 10 Pro x64 (Windows 7 Pro upgrade). Thanks for fix. Just edited win.ini only, rebooted and the deed was done.
    Very much appreciated.

  15. Jason

    Thanks so much for this nice little fix. Had to do it after updating from office 2010 to office 2016 using QB Enterprise 2017. Sure would be nice if QB would resolve this issue or over some sort of patch

  16. Simon

    I was really hoping this will be my fix but didn’t work for me. It crashes QB when Send Form is selected in Preference. Anyone encountered this and able to fix it?

  17. Denis Batrak

    Thank you! I have spent so much time following your initial route with install, reinstall, switching versions, etc. I wish I found you post earlier.
    You made my day!!!

  18. Jim Walton

    Almost May 2018 and Intuit still doesn’t know how to resolve this. Three hours on the phone with them this morning to no avail. THIS FIX WORKED GREAT!!!!! Took me all of ten minutes. Thanks SOOOOO much!!! I’ll sleep tonight thanks to you.

  19. Sam

    When I see so many positive comment, I made all these registry changes immediately.
    But unfortunately it didn’t work for me…. Im using QB 2018 pro, WIN 10, Office 2016.


  20. Jan

    When I added the registry fixes I ended up with Mozilla Thunderbird instead of Outlook in Quickbooks 2016. Outlook is set as the default e-mail app.

    Any thoughts?

  21. Josh

    I am running QB 2015, Windows 10 and Office 365 (x64). I tried most of the suggestions above but they did not work. What did fix it was changing this registry entry: \HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Clients\Mail”. I set “Microsoft Outlook” as the default. It was incorrectly set to Thunderbird.

  22. Josh Kantro

    I am running Quickbooks 2015 and Outlook (Office 365). None of the fixes worked for me until I made the following registry change. Check registry key:

    ‘Start’ > Run > type regedit
    Locate this registry entry:
    on right side double click on ‘Default’
    Enter Microsoft Outlook in ‘Value Data’

    Mine was set to Thunderbird and once I changed the value to Outlook I could see Outlook as an option in Quickbooks.


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