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How to recover your lost Outlook email password

How many times do you find yourself scratching your head because you forgot your email password? Or how about when you are setting up an email account for a friend or customer and they don’t remember what it is?

I recently ran into a situation where I was setting up email accounts on some new computers we had just installed.  The problem was I didn’t know the passwords for the email accounts I was setting up in Microsoft Outlook. That is when I discovered this tool that will reveal the email account passwords in Microsoft Outlook. Here are the steps to retrieve your password if your account was previously set up in Outlook. ( This also works in Windows Live Mail.) 

Go to your Control Panel> User Accounts>Mail > Show Profiles. Select the profile you want.

Then select Properties. Click on the email address that you need the password from and then select change. You should now be at the screen that shows your email account information including your password (with asterisks). Keep that window open.

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