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Outlook 2016 Hang Freezes When Previewing an Excel File

I was troubleshooting a computer the other day that was having Outlook freezing issues. This is what would happen. When previewing an Excel attachment in Outlook (2016) the document would preview but as soon as you would scroll around on the attachment, Outlook would freeze. You couldn’t open, close, or minimize Outlook. However, if you went into Task Manager to kill the program, Outlook appeared to be working normally and didn’t mention “Not Responding”.

After a bit more troubleshooting, I found when Outlook froze up, if I opened a File Explorer Window it would unfreeze Outlook and I could once again use. 

Another item I noticed was Outlook seemed to freeze when I used my mouse scroll wheel instead of the scroll bars on the previewed Excel document. I tried my hypothesis a couple times and sure enough, each time I scrolled the previewed Excel document with my mouse scroll wheel Outlook would freeze up.

Troubleshooting Steps I tried:

  1. I installed the latest Office updates.
  2. I opened Outlook in Safe Mode.
  3. I made sure all Add-Ins were disabled. 
  4. I ran Outlook as an Administrator
  5. I disabled all Preview Handlers in Outlook and then re-enabled. 

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Gmail POP Error in Outlook ” Receiving Reported Error (0x800CCC90)”

I ran into a problem the other day with Outlook throwing the following error when trying to pull email messages from Gmail: 

Outlook Error Message

Outlook Error Message

” Task “anybody@gmail.com” – Receiving reported error (0x800CCC90) : ‘Your incoming (POP3) e-mail server has reported an internal error. If you continue to receive this message, contact your server administrator or Internet service provider (ISP). The server responded: – ERR Unable to retrieve rfc822msgid:xxxxxxxxxxxxx.

Every message in Gmail has a message ID assigned to it. You can find the Gmail Message ID by opening an email message and then clicking the down arrow beside the “Reply” arrow. 

Show Original Message ID

Show Original Message ID

Gmail Message ID

Gmail Message ID

More than likely the issue is that Outlook downloaded the message but Gmail says the message was not downloaded yet. This results in the error message referenced above. 

Here are the steps I used to resolve this issue. 

Step One: Log into Gmail on the web. 

Step Two: In the search box, in Gmail, search for the message referenced in your error message it should look similar to this: rfc822msgid:<31799347-9C90-4BBB-917D-CF95CCC21451>. Make sure to type the message ID exactly how it is referenced in the error message. Depending on the message ID you may need to add @domain after it like this: rfc822msgid:<54126538.1818.0@wordpress.com>  .

Rfc822msgid Search Result

Rfc822msgid Search Result

If you typed everything correctly, you should find the offending email message. You can double check to make sure the email message ID matching the message ID of the error you are receiving in Outlook.

Step Three: Delete the offending email message from Gmail.

Step Four: Go back to Outlook and do a Send/Receive. The error message should disappear. If the error message does not disappear you can check out this older post about this issue or perhaps their are multiple messages that need cleared from Gmail. 

I hope this helps. Sound off in the comment section if it helped or if you have additional questions.

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How to Create a New Outlook Profile

If you follow me on YouTube, you already know I released a video on how to create a new Outlook profile. If you don’t follow me there, here is how to create a new Outlook profile. You can find written instructions below this video. 

Step by Step Directions:

Step One: Go to the Control Panel
Step Two:  Click User Accounts
Step Three: Click Mail (Microsoft Outlook)
Step Four: You are ready to add your profile. Click Add and Type a Profile Name
Step Five: Select your Email Account type (Most times you will want to click on Manual Setup or Additional Server Types unless you have an Office 365 account.)
Now enter your account information and when added Click Finish.
Step Six: If you already have an existing Outlook profile, you will want to select “Always use this profile” and select your new profile from the drop-down menu.
Now open Outlook and it you should be ready to go!

This was posted by techspeeder.

Sent Attachments are Corrupted – Outlook 2016

Issue: Customer contacted me that his email attachments from Outlook 2016 (Buy Office 2016) were corrupted when the recipient received the email. The recipient was unable to view or open the attachments without receiving an error.


Step One: I found the documents were definitely being corrupted. I verified it wasn’t the recipient since the “sent” email attachment in the Outlook sent folder was also corrupted. When trying to open the attachment I got this message:  We’re sorry. We can’t open <doc name> because we found a problem with its contents.

Outlook Attachment Issue

Step Two: I found that the document would only become corrupted if the attachment Continue reading

Font Changes In Outlook when Replying to Email Messages

I ran into a strange issue the other day. Our client said every time she replied to an email in Outlook her font would change to a different color. The version of Outlook my client was using was Outlook 2013 , but this “fix” will also work for Outlook 2016. I got to digging around a bit in Outlook 2013 and I found this was actually a “feature” instead of a problem.

If you find you font automatically changing on you, when replying to email messages, this is where you need to go to turn it off.

Step One: Open Outlook. Go to File > Options > Mail > Stationary and Fonts > Uncheck “Pick a new color when replying or forwarding”. Click OK.

Outlook Stationary ChangeThat is all you need to do. I tested this and each time when the client replied her font and font color stayed to what she had set to default.

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