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How to Enable “Undo Send” for your Gmail Account

Recently, Gmail rolled out a cool little feature called “undo send”. Basically this feature allows a user to “call back” a sent email. “Undo Send” doesn’t actually pull the email from the recipient’s mailbox; but instead puts a small time limit on the email before it is sent from your account. This allows you to undo a “sent” email for up to 30 seconds.

This is very useful if you accidentally forgot to attach a document or having the wrong recipient for the email. I would recommend enabling this feature. It may save you some embarrassment down the road.

Here is how to enable “Undo Send” for your Gmail account.

Step One: Log into your Gmail account.

Step Two: Click the gear in the right hand corner and go down to Settings.Gmail Settings

Step Three: Once Settings is opened click the General tab and you will see an Undo Send Option. Continue reading