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How to configure an Office 365 Exchange email acount on an iOS device

For the past while, a lot of people have asked me to set up their Office 365 email accounts on their iPhones. I decided I would write a small post on setting up Office 365 email accounts on your iOS device. The screenshots I have included in my tutorial were taken with an iPhone that was running iOS 7.0.2. However, these settings will work for those of you who are running older versions of iOS. If you have an Android device click here for instructions.

Step One: Touch Settings

iPhone Settings


 Step Two: Scroll down until you find Mail, Contacts, Calendars and select it. Continue reading

How to Configure an Office 365 Exchange Email Account on Android

Update 5/19/2015: Since I posted this article back in 2013, Google has made some changes in the email department. In Android Lollipop, you now set up your Exchange email accounts in Gmail. Below you will find a video tutorial on how to set up your Office 365 exchange account in Gmail. If you aren’t running Android Lollipop please follow the instructions below this video.


It can be a little confusing to set up Office 365 Exchange email account on an Android device. Here are the steps to set up your email account.

Step One: Go to Settings > Add account

Add Account

Step Two: Add Email Account

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