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Sent Attachments are Corrupted – Outlook 2016

Issue: Customer contacted me that his email attachments from Outlook 2016 (Buy Office 2016) were corrupted when the recipient received the email. The recipient was unable to view or open the attachments without receiving an error.


Step One: I found the documents were definitely being corrupted. I verified it wasn’t the recipient since the “sent” email attachment in the Outlook sent folder was also corrupted. When trying to open the attachment I got this message:  We’re sorry. We can’t open <doc name> because we found a problem with its contents.

Outlook Attachment Issue

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How to Change the Default Local File Location in Word and Excel

Microsoft Office normally does a great job on picking your default local file location. However, if you work with documents on your server a lot it can become annoying to always have to browse to the server to open your documents. Thankfully it is an easy setting to change. Here are the steps to change the file location, it’s the same for both Word and Excel.

Step One: Open Microsoft Word or Excel and Click on File.

Click on File

Click on File

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